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Halleluliah! We have shot the opening sequence of PAST IMPERFECT this season. Gorgeous autumn foliage. Everything that could have gone wrong, did, but owing to divine providence, experience, intelligence and perseverance .... VINI VIDI VICI! Caroline Sax (Director) and Sataish (1st AD) waiting for a tractor to come and pull out the Cinematographer's car which got stuck in the mud right in the middle of the shot. The amazing Trevor Coop (Cinematographer) lining up a 180 degree pan on the Alexa with Rob Anderson (1st AC), Caroline Sax and Sataish O'Shea looking on. Caroline Sax with her Drone team ... Highline Aerial Media. Angela Hughes (3rd AD) going to shout at someone. Our picture vehicle travelling through our shot (this is B roll and not the actual shot). Trevor Coop talking to Drone Pilot (Tom Ensome). Reviewing footage from our very first shot with Drone camera op (Mikey Oldfield). And finally a very happy director. Thanks everyone. John McLaren my personal hero just now (owner, driver, stand in - Land Rover Defender). Lovely Luke for not getting bored. Fiona Lynn for being there. Roundhouse Pics (Iain Moyneux, Laura, and Rob Vanderman). And Joe Potts/Spencer Anderson for B Roll.



UPDATE 2018 ..... We've started the year with the formation of our SPV Salt Lane Productions

and we welcome Pierce Brunt as Executive Producer. We are currently funding and aim to be shooting within the next few months. Our production department is coming together and we are in pre-pre production. Now gathering our creatives. Trevor Coop is Cinematographer and David Poore will be composing our score.